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4 Reasons Why Blockchain Engineering is a Great Career Choice

Today, getting into the software industry is a great career move. There are job opportunities for virtually all types of software engineers, the field is innovative and exciting, and the pay is more than respectable. Of course, when you’re just starting, deciding which technologies you’ll be focusing on can be quite daunting. After all, there are oh-so-many languages, frameworks, tools, and technologies out there.

Naturally, choosing one of them will have to do with your personal preferences and inclinations but, if you let me, I have a suggestion for you: get into blockchain engineering. If the only thing you know about it is that’s the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, then you’re missing out. Blockchain’s potential is massive and is now offering everyone interested in engineering the opportunity to jump into the wagon to develop that potential.

That’s why I believe that you should at least take a look at what blockchain entails and why, in my opinion, you have 4 powerful reasons to devote yourself to it.

What is Blockchain? 

Blockchain is a public electronic ledger that uses the P2P architecture to create an unmodifiable record of transactions distributed between disparate users. Thus, it’s a network of interconnected devices that share that record composed of time-stamped and linked transactions. It’s like a database of sorts but with a decentralized nature that follows a write-once, append-many approach.

Another defining feature of blockchain is that users can add new data to the record as long as participants agree to do so. Once a transaction has been recorded, it can never be deleted, which makes it a perfect technology for anyone looking to create a verifiable and auditable record of transactions. 

The name blockchain comes from the entire network (chain) and the data recorded on it (block). In other words, the blockchain is a network of recorded data distributed over diverse devices that monitor each other (meaning that they don’t have a centralized control like traditional networks).

Those features are what turned blockchain into the foundation of cryptocurrencies – the technology doesn’t have a central authority that can control the currency, each block is encrypted for maximum security, and no changes can be made without agreement. But even when blockchain is such a perfect fit for cryptocurrencies, it can also serve for many other things, especially through smart contracts, which can serve everything from the insurance industry to the government.

Blockchain and its related concepts are deeper than that, so I invite you to read this handy guide to learn more about it. But, in the meantime, what I’ve just explained is enough for us to move along to the reasons why you should consider blockchain for your career. 

You’ll work with cutting-edge technology

There’s something exciting about using the latest tools and platforms to do your everyday work. That’s precisely what will happen to you if you decide to be a blockchain developer – you’ll be using one of the hottest technologies today, one that’s set to become a pillar of the world to come. 

That’s something impressive on its own, as not many people are able to use advanced and complex technologies in their daily activities. But that’s not all. Using tools like Avalanche, Matic, Alchemy, Truffle, and Brownie, you’ll access both power and flexibility to create new products and innovative solutions. In a way, all of those applications and platforms are like toys you’ll get to play with, toys that will teach you how to become a blockchain expert on your way to becoming a more complete tech professional.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that blockchain doesn’t work in a vacuum. You can integrate it and make it work with other cutting-edge technologies, like AI and 5G. That means that you won’t just be elbow-deep in blockchain but also in some of the most revolutionary technologies of today.

You’ll be part of projects that can redefine how we live

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you surely noticed the increasing impact cryptocurrencies are having on the business world. Billionaires, big companies, and an increasing number of people are investing in crypto on a global scale. The implications of these financial movements remain to be seen but no one can deny that there’s an underlying process in there that has a vast potential to change how we live.

That’s the blockchain promise. As it happens with the most important cutting-edge technologies, blockchain can seep into our daily lives and forever change the way we face it. And, as a blockchain engineer, you’d be spearheading that revolution beyond the crypto world. Yes, that’s right, as I said above, blockchain is more than just Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Thus, you’d have the opportunity to work on new projects to implement smart contracts with goals as varied as securing intellectual properties, crowdfunding, executing insurance policies, identifying people, and many more. 

You’ll be at the heart of innovation

I’ve said that you’d work with sophisticated tools to create products that have the potential to change the world we live in. That’s mainly because the current blockchain landscape is one of the most innovative places to be. And that’s no coincidence. Given how new the technology actually is, there’s a lot of experimentation and trial-and-error going on: the perfect place to be for anyone with a curious mind. 

Think about it. There are no limitations or restrictions as to what you can do. You can come with any kind of project that uses the underlying technology and you’ll surely find enthusiastic people that can help you build it. As it’s often said, the only limit is your imagination, and that can bring exciting new projects that you might not anticipate today.

I can’t say if the current blockchain landscape will stay that way for a long time, as it’s likely that the technology will grow standardized as it matures. But, as of now, there are no rules but those you define for your ideas. That feels like a thrilling job to have to my ears. 

You’ll quickly grow as a professional

Working on an innovative landscape can positively impact you as a professional, especially if you’re new to the field. That’s because you’ll be surrounded by some bright minds that will reshape your way of thinking and teach you a lot as you collaborate with them. That’s precisely what awaits you in the blockchain field – a lot of software engineers with a passion for the next big thing.

That will surely contribute to your career once you’re in a blockchain position, but what happens when you’re just a graduate engineer interested in blockchain? How do you get in? As it happens often in the software industry, blockchain hackathons (which are very popular right now) are the perfect way to refine your knowledge, network, and breathe the air of the blockchain business.

That means that you can go from college to full blockchain developer in no time and keep growing from there. In fact, the only thing that can slow down your progress is your own pace. As long as you’re curious and disciplined, you can get very far in the blockchain world using the fast lane.

Get in the right mindset

If you paid close attention to the reasons I gave you, you might have noticed a pattern: blockchain development is a great career for curious people. That’s something it has in common with other careers related to cutting-edge technologies. If you want to be a blockchain developer, you need to be always on top of the latest news and trends, moving with a thirst for knowledge that allows you to come up with innovative ideas for old and new problems.

If that challenge sounds appealing to you, then I’d suggest you get more acquainted with the blockchain world. You might find out that it’s the perfect field to develop your ideas, work on exciting projects, and shape the world around you. 

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