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Machine learning is making the global workforce a reality

The idea of global conglomerates is not a new one – it’s as ancient as human history. For as long as we have had travel there have been people willing to offer banking services, transportation, import and exports, and other endeavors involving long-distance travel.  Of course, the days of colonies and handwritten letters with wax … Continued

4 Reasons Why Blockchain Engineering is a Great Career Choice

Today, getting into the software industry is a great career move. There are job opportunities for virtually all types of software engineers, the field is innovative and exciting, and the pay is more than respectable. Of course, when you’re just starting, deciding which technologies you’ll be focusing on can be quite daunting. After all, there … Continued

Remote Work Careers

In our previous post we explored the rise of remote work during the pandemic. (The Rise of Working from Home in 2020 and Beyond).  A trend that was already picking up steam in years past was accelerated by the need for companies to remain open while having to maintain their workforce socially distant.  The acceleration … Continued

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